About Me

Hi beautiful people, My Name is Priya. I am an attorney by day and artist on the weekends. I am also a busy mom of two energetic kiddos. I began drawing and painting as a kid but my artwork was usually for my own walls and spaces. Art allows me to find peace in vulnerability. I am constantly learning and experimenting, incorporating my own style and pulling inspiration from my culture. I love unique art, so no 2 pieces are alike. I do not make multiples of any of my paintings because I want everyone to have a unique art piece that speaks to them.

I also offer made-to-order commissioned projects. We will work together on the perfect inspiration and mediums to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Please reach out to bring your idea to life.

I have more pieces in progress and will be updating listings in the next few weeks, including mirror art, clocks, and resin decor.

I am extremely grateful for your interest and support in starting this new journey with me.

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